double-click to closeOrganic Cotton Baby Noise Reduction Hat
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  • 100% certified organic soft knit cotton
  • Double layered, seamless (internal seams)
  • Soft velcro closure
  • Fabric is manufactured in the USA
  • Made in USA

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    Noise Reduction Hat for newborns and infants:
  • Features inserts that protect your baby's ears form loud, potentially harmful outside noises
  • Flaps have 3 layers (inner layer is made from lightweight organic fleece for extra comfort)
  • Pockets on flaps that contain 4 layered removable inserts made from natural hemp fleece

  • Our hat is designed to significantly reduce the outside noises and try to protect baby's ears as much as possible.
    Our hat features 2 layers of Certified Organic Cotton on the flaps plus one extra inner layer of Certified Organic Fleece Cotton, which forms the pocket for the insert.
    Insert is made from 4 layers of Organic hemp fabric (fleece-like material with fuzzy texture on one side to adsorb the sound). The insert is removable, so you can take it out any time and use this hat as a regular hat.
    Our Noise Reduction Hat is a combination of Ear Protection Hat and infant Noise Reduction Hat in one. Our soft organic cotton baby hats feature a baby hearing protection inserts, which can be removed any time and you'll get a regular ear flap hat. Our hats protect baby's ears from loud noises. Take baby out to the game or to the fireworks - their delicate ears are protected. Flappy-Tappy Noise Reduction Hats are designed from stretchable organic cotton fabric to keep the hat in place, ensuring that your baby is comfortable and protected.